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What happens in a session?


During the first session, a detailed case history about your health and lifestyle is taken and we'll discuss what the issues are that have prompted you to make the appointment. We'll also talk about what you hope to achieve from the session and any goals you want to work towards. You'll then lie fully clothed on a massage table for the rest of the session while the kinesiology balance takes place. Once we've finished, there will be time at the end to discuss the balance and go over anything that you need to do at home.

Sessions in person
Distance sessions

If you live too far away to visit me in person, even if you live in a different country, or you can't make it to an in-person session but you'd still like to have a balance, I also offer distance sessions. This means you receive the balance in the comfort of your own home (or country!) and still get to experience all the benefits.

How do distance sessions and surrogation work? Surrogate means 'A substitute, especially a person deputising for another', so a surrogate balance is where you give permission for another person to be your physical stand-in and we bring in your energy into the surrogate. Being that everything is energy, and kinesiology is the practice of aligning and balancing energy, then sessions can be done 'remotely' using a surrogate. Once we have brought your energy in, I then confirm, using muscle testing, that the energy exchange has taken place and that the session will be conducted on your energy, not the surrogate's. At the end of the session, the surrogation ends. By using a surrogate for your energy, the balance works in the same way as if you were in the clinic.

First of all I'll send you a new client form, which you'll fill in and send back. Then we either have a Skype or phone chat for about 15 minutes so we can talk about what it is you're hoping to get from the session and the issues you'd like to work on. Then I do the full balance on a surrogate, just as I would be doing if you were here in person. Then I send you a full report of what happened in the balance and if there is anything you need to do at home.

Babies and children

Kinesiology is gentle enough to be used on babies and children. My eldest daughter started having kinesiology from the age of 12 months, but if I'd known about it before, she would have been having sessions straight after her birth, or even in utero! It's fantastic for relieving the stress of the birth process, picking up on any birth trauma, making sure the infant reflexes are integrating when they should and supporting their immune system, as well as finding the causes of colic, for example, or food sensitivities, skin issues or any other stressors.

Of course it's not possible to muscle test a newborn baby directly, so I surrogate the parent for the baby and muscle test the parent, but do as many of the corrections on the child as possible.

If a child is very wriggly, young or sensitive and doesn't like to be touched, we can again surrogate the parent and do the muscle testing on the parent and all of the corrections on them as well if necessary. The child will still get the maximum benefits of the balance. If it's difficult for the child to leave the house, or you live in a different state or a different country, distance sessions would work just as well.

Please see the Children page and the Special interests page for more information on how kinesiology can help and support babies and children as they grow.

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