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Fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond

For some people, getting pregnant is as easy as just looking at each other and, hey presto, there's a positive pregnancy test. But for others, it can be much harder and more complicated than that. But wherever you are on the journey, the most important place to start is you (and your partner). My mission, which I've wholeheartedly accepted, is to help as many people as I can get as healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as possible with the tools and the knowledge that I have before they embark on the journey of parenthood. If that ship has sailed and you're already pregnant or have had your baby or all the babies you're planning on having, it's never too late to start looking after your health, for both you and your family.

Getting your body baby ready

Whether you've had the healthiest of lifestyles up until your leap into parenthood or there are some past choices that were perhaps not so wise (no judgement, we've all been there and done that to some degree), there's going to be some amount of toxins and 'stuff' floating around your system causing stress and imbalance. Whether it's inherited genetic issues from your parents, environmental toxins, past illnesses, antibiotics use, heavy metals, stress, hormones, whatever, getting yourself destressed and balanced will give your baby a better chance at a healthy start and ensure they take on less of your stuff whilst in the womb.

There are lots of ways you can support your body through this process. Food choice is an excellent place to start, as is reducing your exposure to toxins in your environment (think smoking, pollution, some air fresheners, washing liquids, heavy metals, etc). You really don't need to go on a strict diet or fast, and it's so important to go gently. Here are just some of the ways kinesiology can help you and your partner get body baby ready:

  • Checking your hormone levels with a reproductive system balance for men or women, or any other hormonal pathways that are showing stress

  • Checking your immune system is working at 100 per cent

  • Checking your stress levels with an adrenal hormone balance

  • Checking your toxicity and balance your detox pathways to ensure toxins can freely leave by all the exits

  • Checking for inherited issues

  • Checking to see if there is stress in the MTHFR gene or methylation issues that could go on to affect a pregnancy, and balancing the stress in the pathways

  • Checking any structural issues that may be causing imbalance, pain or inflammation

  • Checking your gut microbiome to make sure it's strong and healthy and not causing stress

  • Checking your nutrient levels, like iron, zinc, B6 and folate

  • Talking through and destressing any fears or emotional issues that may be popping up at the thought of getting pregnant, giving birth and/or becoming a parent

Please see the Book a session page for more information on how to book and for Getting your body baby ready balance packages. Or contact me for more information on how to get your body baby ready.


It's not usually something we tend to go through our younger years worrying about, but when it comes to the time when we want to have babies, a lot of us just assume that everything will be working as it should. I know I did. But for some, things just don't work that easily. From hormonal reasons to immune system reasons and everything else in between, the journey to seeing that positive result on the pregnancy test can be a bumpy, emotional one. Not only can kinesiology help support you physically with things like hormone imbalances and immune system issues, and emotionally, it can also support you through any other treatments that you are having, like acupuncture and IVF.


In a balance tailored to fertility issues, we'd look at a lot of the actions listed above in the Getting your body baby ready list, with a focus on the organs and glands involved in reproduction. We'd also look at the more spiritual aspects associated with fertility, including chakras and meridians, and check for any subconscious sabotage patterns or blocks that may be causing an issue, and any other issues that may be affecting fertility.

Please see the Book a session page for more information on how to book and for Fertility balance packages, or contact me for more information.


I found kinesiology to be a huge support during my second pregnancy. Not only to keep an eye on my nutrient levels and my thyroid (which is underactive), but also with the mental and emotional sides that go with being pregnant. Having had a very traumatic birth with my first daughter, I was very worried, scared, fearful, stressed... and all the emotions in between about going through it all again. But what I was able to do with the help of kinesiology was to set goals about how I'd like this birth experience to be. It helped me turn a very stressful experience into a huge lesson of what I did and didn't want for the next time, and we worked on this in my sessions in the run-up to the birth.


So not only can kinesiology help with reframing trauma and destressing fears and anxiety, it can also help a lot with the anatomical and physiological things that go on throughout a pregnancy as well. And not only can you be balanced in pregnancy, so can your baby in utero. It's such a gentle and effective way to see if the embryo is holding any stress in its developmental pathways or support structures that it relies on from the mother, like the umbilical cord or placenta. Here are just a few examples of how kinesiology can help in pregnancy:

  • Checking your hormone levels, with a specific pregnancy hormone balance

  • Checking all other hormonal systems for signs of stress

  • Checking for stress around Rhesus negative blood status, iron levels, folate, zinc, B6 and all other nutrients, and seeing if supplementation would be beneficial

  • Balancing you and your baby's chakras and meridians

  • Balancing any stress in the baby's developing primitive reflexes, developmental pathways and maternal support systems

  • Balancing any fears or anxiety being held over being pregnant and becoming a parent

  • Checking to see if there's any hereditary stress for you and your baby

  • Balancing any structural issues or pain

Please see the Book a session page for more information on how to book and for Pregnancy balance packages, or contact me for more information.


After my sessions with my kinesiologist working through my first birth experience, I was able to have the birth I'd pictured exactly – down to the detail of me sitting in bed afterwards with my elder daughter and husband eating a piece of toast and having a cup of tea. It was the picture I'd held in my mind as I was supported to work through everything I was still holding on to. Now, nature has a huge part to play in all this and I was totally prepared to change plans had I needed to, but the difference this time around was that I felt so much more empowered – I felt in charge, which made a world of difference.

This is why it's a big passion of mine to be able to support and empower women to not only have the best birth experience possible, but if, for whatever reason, the birth experience doesn't go as planned, to help them process and work through whatever emotions and stress they are feeling. This is such an important step for a new mother to take for self-care because

if these emotions and stress are left unacknowledged or suppressed downwards, they could resurface at any point and possibly contribute to postnatal depression, for example. For a poignant video on post-birth trauma, and why it's so important to seek help, please see here.

When I went through this, I felt that there was no one to help me or hear me. This is why it's so important for me to be able to do whatever I can with the skills, knowledge and experience I have. Here are just a few ways that kinesiology can help you prepare for the birthing process:

  • Balancing your energy levels and immune system to help you feel fit and well for the birth

  • Helping you set and work towards positive goals and outcomes for your birthing experience

  • Helping you clear any fears, anxiety, emotions  or blockages being held over the idea of giving birth or becoming a parent

  • Balancing any trauma, stress and/or emotions experienced after giving birth

  • Balancing you and your energy after birth to ensure everything is stress free and how and where it should be. Think of this as a post-birth celebratory balance, helping you step into your role as a parent.

Please see the Book a session page for more information on how to book and for Fertility balance packages or contact me for more information.

...and beyond

My passion to help and support doesn't stop there. It's so important as an act of self-care to look after yourself. No one can give from an empty cup, and nothing is more emptying than looking after children, especially newborns. It's about being okay to say you're not okay, to ask for help not only for yourself, but for your family, too.


And kinesiology can help and support you and your family, newborns too. They've just experienced a major transition – birth is certainly eye-opening and soul shaking, and if there

are any older siblings, their world will certainly have changed as well.


Kinesiology isn't just amazing for destressing and clearing, it's also incredibly powerful when used to support people through transitions, changing circumstances, emotional upheaval and goal setting. I use it for myself and my children to support us through the life-stage changes, for example the change from baby to toddler, toddler to child, child to pre-teen, pre-teen to teen, and so on, and everything that goes on in between. Here are just a few ways that kinesiology can help support babies, children and parents beyond birth:

  • Balancing the baby after birth to clear any birth trauma or shock, whether it be structural, emotional, energetic or spiritual

  • Balancing the detox pathways of the mother and baby from any drugs or antibiotics given during or after birth

  • Balancing and destressing skin issues such as eczema, rashes, fungal issues and acne

  • Balancing and destressing sleep issues

  • Balancing and strengthening the immune system and hormonal systems

  • Checking for the integration of primitive reflexes and emergence of the postural reflexes

  • Supporting adults and children through life changes such as starting school, moving house or job, children leaving home or hormonal changes

  • Balancing retained reflexes

  • Balancing and destressing learning difficulties, anxiety and memory issues

  • Balancing and destressing digestive issues, food intolerances and allergies

This isn't an exhaustive list. Kinesiology can help with most things and not only that, it can help indicate what else may be needed to support you and your family on your health journey.

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