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Special interests

Really, kinesiology as a whole is my special interest. The ability to dig deep and find the root cause of stress, wherever it may be hiding, is fascinating to me. Nothing beats that feeling when a client gets the answers, the clarity and the empowerment they have been searching for.

But there are a couple of topics that are close to my heart, probably because of my own personal journey. The first is women's health, particularly the prenatal, fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal stages of life. I'm talking the hormonal issues, the emotional stuff, the anatomical and physiological pathways, the energetic side of things, the whole kit and caboodle – they're all important, valid and powerful pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle that need to be put together in the right order for the most beneficial outcome. For more information on how kinesiology can support you through whatever stage of the jigsaw you're at, please see the page Fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The second topic is primitive reflexes and how they affect not only our children's health, but everyone's health no matter what age you are. My daughter had retained reflexes, that's how

I found out about them. When she was about two, she really struggled with being in places with lots of people. Lots of people, plus bright lights, plus noise equalled a very unhappy little girl. She just couldn't cope. She would bury her head in my legs and cling on for dear life. Or she'd lie face down on the floor and refuse to move. When you're in the queue at the post office, that sort of thing can be a bit tricky. We were at a loss as to what was going on. We knew that over-stimulation was a thing for babies, but didn't realise it was also a symptom of retained reflexes. Thank goodness we found out what the problem was. Once she'd been balanced she was so different. She was still herself in every way, but so much less stressed. No more carrying her out of the post office sobbing into my chest. She was more confident, able to cope with things that used to overwhelm her and, best of all, she was happier.

So when I had the opportunity to study primitive reflexes in my advanced diploma, I jumped

at the chance. And what was so interesting to discover was that, in those study sessions, I had four retained reflexes that needed to be balanced. And it suddenly clicked that it's not only children who are walking around trying to cope with the added stress of retained reflexes, most adults are, too. And the realisation I had of how my body had been compensating and trying to cope for most of my life because of these retained reflexes was so eye-opening. All the symptoms of the particular retained reflexes fitted my thoughts, actions and behaviours down to the last full stop of the last sentence. And the differences I noticed once they'd been balanced? Really life-changing.


This, along with the other topics mentioned above, have become the heartbeat of my practice.

I love to help and empower however I can, but these topics, these are extra special. So please see the page on Primitive reflexes for more information and to see if this is something you'd like to investigate further in a session.

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