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"Just a huge thank you to you. You are an incredible wealth of knowledge and I'm so grateful for all that you impart and the insights you have to help me to heal my body fully. You are a godsend and so amazing. I'm so thankful for you. My body was so heavy last night, but it's feeling so much lighter today."

– Amie Richards

"I have to thank you for posting about Polly. Back in June last year, I stumbled across a story that you had put up about your kinesiologist – I was intrigued and felt drawn to see Polly. Nine months later, and I'm a regular client of Polly's and can honestly say that working with her is helping me grow on all levels in such a positive way. Thank you for recommending her."

– Karli Carpenter

"Hi Polly! Marina here. I just added my health coaching to my bio and it made me feel so good! Thank you so much, I can't believe how much you have helped me in a single session."

– Marina Wright

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