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Babies and children

Kinesiology is an amazingly gentle modality for babies and children and offers a safe, effective and non-invasive healing option. It helps take the guess work away, which makes such a difference when children are too young to be able to verbalise how they're feeling or what's wrong with them.


 Kinesiology sessions for babies and children can help with a range of issues, including:

  • Balancing any structural and emotional trauma experienced during the birthing process

  • Boosting their immune system

  • Identifying food sensitivities and intolerances

  • Addressing digestive distress, including colic and wind

  • Checking their primitive reflexes are integrating and if not, balance the pathways that will enable the reflexes to integrate

  • Addressing skin conditions such as rashes and eczema

  • Helping their bodies detox from inherited, environmental and vaccine toxins

  • Addressing learning and behavioural issues

  • Checking developmental pathways and delays, emotional issues and any other stresses

These are just some of things kinesiology can help with. The positive effects of kinesiology on children can be life-changing. I know it has been for my two children. My ultimate goal is to help as much as I am able to, to achieve the most positive result possible.

Please see my Special interests page for more information on primitive reflexes and contact me if you have any questions on how kinesiology can help you and your family.

Children's health starts with the parents

Everyone knows that a foetus starts out as an egg and a sperm, but the soon-to-be-embryo doesn't start out with a clean slate of health. The sperm and egg are loaded with genetic information from both parents, as well as the physical, emotional and spiritual patterns that run genetically through both parents' families. Add in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health history of each parent in their lifetime up to the point of conception, plus the foetal environment during pregnancy and the birth experience, and you have a whole host of factors that can affect a child's health before they're even born.

It's mind boggling really, when you think about how much our lives up to the point of parenthood (and our own inherited make-up from our parents) can influence our children's health. And it can sometimes feel quite overwhelming to know what we can do to maximise our chances of having a healthy baby with as little inherited toxic load from us as possible.

What can parents do to get themselves baby ready?

First of all they can look at their food choices and make sure that what they're eating and drinking are as healthy as possible. It's really important for parents-to-be to look after themselves and their health and sort out any niggling health issues well before they start trying to conceive. It's also a great idea to do a detox, and by detox I don't mean drinking just juices or water or taking on extreme or limiting food choices. I mean looking after and clearing out 'your house'. Your body is an amazing machine and works so hard to keep you alive. Over time, toxins from foods, heavy metals, the environment, vaccinations, illnesses, fillings and other lifestyle choices can build up, creating an imbalance in the body that presents as hormone issues, digestive issues, headaches, fertility issues and many more, and a sluggish waste disposal system just keeps these toxins circulating around your body.

It's equally as important to look after your mental and emotional health as well. To make sure you're happy, fulfilled and ready to be parents. Kinesiology is so effective for working through any fears you may be holding onto about becoming parents, going through pregnancy and birth whether it's for the first time or the fourth time, and for setting positive goals for how you'd like things to be.

There are also inherited genetic factors that may create problems with fertility and pregnancy. The MTHFR gene mutation is just one of them that can have a direct impact on the ability to get pregnant and maintain the pregnancy. It affects how effectively your body is able to use folic acid and folate, an important prenatal vitamin. According to Doctor Ben Lynch, who's an expert on MTHFR,

"Those with the variant of MTHFR, called C667T, have a 40 per cent to 60 per cent decreased ability to produce the body's most active form of folate, called methylfolate. Methyfolate is a critical nutrient affecting neurotransmitter production, DNA regulation, immunity and the cardiovascular system. Methylfolate is the nutrient that starts a series of countless critical enzymatic reactions. MTHFR is the first step in producing a critical compound called s-adenosylmethionine, commonly know as SAMe. SAMe is needed to produce CoQ10, carnitine and creatine. These same nutrients are recommended in those undergoing complementary and alternative infertility treatments. Elevated homocysteine is a commonly known risk factor contributing to recurrent pregnancy loss, pre-eclampsia, indertility, Down Syndrome and other serious concerns surrounding pregnancy. The MTHFR C677T gene defect significantly contributes to elevated homocysteine."

So if you haven't already had a test and are worried that you may be affected by an MTHFR gene mutation, it could be worth getting tested. To read more about how an MTHFR gene mutation can affect you and for information on how to get tested, see here.

How can I help?

I have a wide range of balance protocols to draw on for getting your body baby ready, helping with fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond – for your post-natal health, the baby's post-natal health and the health of the whole family. These include:

  • Hormonal balances for the male and female reproductive systems

  • Hormonal balances specifically for pregnancy

  • Toxin pathway balances to help your body effectively clear out old toxins in your system

  • Specific methylation pathways balances that look at folate and homocysteine

  • Pyrrole pathway balances that look at what could be affecting your zinc and B6 levels, both of which are critical for maintaining a pregnancy

  • Nutritional balances to make sure you're absorbing all your nutrients from foods and supplements, balances that can look at food sensitivities and intolerances, your gut microbiome and heavy metal levels

  • Primitive reflex balances

  • Balances that focus on your emotional health, both before conceiving, during pregnancy, getting you empowered for birth and your post-natal mental, physical and emotional health

These are just a few of the ways that I can help and support you and your family.

Please see the Special interests page for more information on getting your body baby ready, fertility, pregnancy and birth and primitive reflexes. And please see the Book a session page to book in for a balance and for information on balance packages that I'm offering.

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